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Windscreen wiper blades are noisy?

The wiper blade of your car creaks, it’s slow or doesn’t wipe efficiently your windscreen, are different signs that indicate the necessity to replace your wiper blade as soon as you can.

Can I change only the rubber of my wiper blades?

Only your rubber blade requires you to be changed and not the whole windscreen wiper of your car. In our Shop, you will find refills or insert rubbers that match with all cars windscreen wiper easy to buy at best price! We offer you an economical and ecological solution to recycle and change your blades. You will only have to recut the rubber to fit the exact size of your wiper.

Which rubber do I need for my wiper blades?

We provide a search engine that allows you to find a compatible rubber with your windscreen wiper according to your car’s brand and model. Our shop offers to change your front and rear wipers, of the brands Bosch and Valeo. We have all different types of models: flat blade, universals, hybrids …
For many years, the refills for windscreen rubber blades were made by meter in a form of a roll. Currently, our company use a much better production way with moulds to design stronger and more resistant rubber blades.

How to change my windscreen rubber blade?

In our store, you will find video & tutorials explaining how to quickly and easily replace your blade rubber.
Don’t hesitate anymore! Check our products and discover the perfect replacement for your car at the cheapest price and best quality!