Bosch Aerotwin Rubber - 28" x6 units

Ref: A-70

Buy 6 refills at the price of 4! Refills for Bosch Aerotwin® wiper blades - Length 28" (70cm) - Easy to install - Change only the rubber of your wiper blades and save up 75%.

Length: 28" (70cm) - Only for 6 or more refills!

£ 3.95

Video tutorial Bosch Aerotwin Rubber - 28" x6 units

Special offer: Get 6 refills for the price of 4! Only £3.95/refill instead of £5.95

Rubber refills 100% compatibles with Bosch Aerotwin® flat wiper blades.

You will only have to cut the excess of rubber to ajust it to the size of your wiper blades.

Check how easy it is to change yourself only the rubber, watching our video tutorial or checking with our guide.

This rubber refill is compatible with all the following Bosch Aerotwin references: 972S, A728S, A552S, A551S , A450S, A480S A502S, A503S, A530S, A531S, A532S, A533S, A550S, A551S, A552S, A566S, A601S, A989S, A604S, A606S, A607S, A650S, A650S, A653S, A728S, A813S, A991S, A992S, A997S, 916S, 922S, 923S, 925S, 927S, 929S, 931S, 933S, 934S, 936S, 942S, 944S, 948S, 950S, 951S, 953S, 955S, 957S, 958S, 962S, 963S, 964S, 965S, 966S, 967S, 969S, 970S, 972S, 974S, 976S, 977S, 979S, A072S, A079S, A086S, A088S, A090S, A094S, A096S, A099S, A100S, A120S, A644S