x6 Universal windscreen wiper blades refills

Ref: U-70

Buying 6 refills you will only pay the price of 4 Universal wiper blades refills - Very easy to install - Change only your rubber in 30 second and save 75%

Length: 28" (70cm)

£ 3.95

Video tutorial x6 Universal windscreen wiper blades refills

Special offer: Get 6 refills for the price of 4!

Rubber refills 100% compatible with standard wiper blades. Very easy to install, in 30 seconds you change your tires

We have only one size for Universal rubber refills 28" (70cm).

In 100% of cases the  28" (70cm) will work and will need to be cut to the exact size with simple scissors.

If your passenger side wiper is 40cm or less, the 16" (40cm) for rear screen universal rubber is ideal and you will save more money.

Check how easy it is to change universal rubber on classical wiper blades: