Mitsuba Windscreen Wiper Rubber

Ref: M-70

Rubber for Mitsuba windscreen wiper blades presents on many asian cars makers like: Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Kia etc... And also some European cars.

Length: 40, 42.5, 65 and 70cm 16", 17", 26" and 28"

-25% for 6 refills or more from £4.95

£ 6.95

Video tutorial Mitsuba Windscreen Wiper Rubber

Refills compatibles with Mitsuba Hybrides wipers (With metal parts inside the rubber) de marque Mitsuba et dont la partie supérieure est alignée avec l'axe de l'essuie-glace.

The original wiper is articulated 

Here is our tutorial "in french" the UK version is about to be produced: